About Southern Parts and Engineering Company

There are many companies that can supply you with compressor parts. There are variations in pricing and differences in stock. But what really sets companies apart is something less tangible than hardware. It’s knowledge, and that’s where Southern Parts and Engineering is alone…at the top of the class.

SPECO saves you time and money by supplying the parts you need, as fast as you need them. But our highly-trained staff adds even more. Because our service support experts have literally hundreds of years of experience between them, they not only take orders, they offer knowledge. No matter what your problem, they can guide you through it and offer a fast practical solution. That’s why, although the parts we supply may be comparable, the experience of doing business with Southern Parts & Engineering is truly a one-of-a-kind.

We’re the smart choice for air and gas compressor parts and service. With SPECO, your compressor will be at top performance. And because our  compressor parts come complete with knowledge, you’ll be working better, too.

John O’Connor (Southern Parts and Engineering Manager)

John entered the industrial world in 1978, going to work for John Crane Packing company in the mechanical seal group. Working in the seal repair department gave him an early gateway into the rotary equipment troubleshooting arena. Seals were broken down and a diagnosis performed base on the physical condition of the components. Chemical attack and wear patterns gave excellent indications of the operating conditions of various pumps, mixers and compressors.

Crane was a springboard to the outside sales world, and in 1982, John left to work as a field sales person for a Garlock distributorship, calling on all sorts of industries including power generation ( Southern Company / TVA / Duke Power etc. ) chemicals/ food processing and municipalities to name a few. Covering the Southeast for Garlock lead to a job offer from the Worthington pump group and John jumped into the centrifugal pump world as an outside sales rep again covering a majority of the Southeast with the same industries while becoming adept at pumping systems and practical applications.

While he was promoting Worthington pumps, an ex-Worthington compressor sales rep was starting a company that manufactured compressor parts, and John was invited to join his fledgling group. So, in 1987 John started his career in the compressed air world and became an integral part of what would become the parent company of Worthington Compressor Division. The company grew exponentially and John was able to learn and contribute much to its success.

So, today, some 30+ years later John stands at the ready to help with any compressor question and  compressed air system application issues.

Call and put him to the test….. allow him to help your business have the BEST compressed system and components available today. It’s how he rolls!!!

David Strickland  (Senior Sales Engineer)

David Strickland started in the Pump and Compressor business in 1979.  He has worked with Atlas Copco and Worthington rotary and reciprocating compressors; as well as Worthington pumps.  In 1987 David worked for Hollis and Company and Argo Industrial supporting Sullair Air Compressors and accessories along with Worthington Pumps. Dave has been with Southern Parts and Engineering for 24 years and is still going strong selling compressors, compressor parts and accessories.  Dave has a wealth of knowledge and is fully committed to meeting your needs while striving to exceed expectations.  Let him provide you with professional, value added services for your air/gas compressor parts.


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