The DOMINATOR AC Variable Speed Motor

AmeriMex’s patented Dominator AC variable speed motor has capabilities from 400 to 8,000 hp. The Dominator is ideal for many applications in the oil industry, such as drilling motors, mud pumps, draw works, rotary tables, and top drives. The AC variable speed motor also shines in marine propulsion, dredging, petrochemical, and mining applications. The Dominator endures and excels in the harshest environments. Our superior cooling system, Kapton insulation, and the amount of copper in the rotor and stator CKT ensures that AmeriMex leads the way in electric motor design for all industries. The unique, patented design lasts 5 times longer than our competitors but at a comparable price, giving AmeriMex a competitive edge. Marine applications of this AC variable speed motor include vertical thruster motors, main propulsion motors, main pumps, cutter head drives, hoist, and crane duty motors.